CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Each member of the SaleFaith cloud-based family is built around the central CRM framework that accommodates business-to-business and individual contact management. Multiple work, home or holiday locations and contact methods can be accommodated.

Linked to all modules of each product are email, to dos, records of telephone calls and letter sending, all consolidated within each contact record to ensure you have records of previous communications and reminders for future actions.

Contact Management

Contacts are displayed in a single detail view allowing multiple addresses, address formats, with unlimited telephone numbers and email addresses. Quick navigation allows business and organisational contacts to be listed together and be easily accessible.

Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns, e-shots, traditional mailing and event invitation list generation and maintenance from an easy to use contacts list.

To Dos, Emails, Letters and Telephone Calls

Messages can be sent from within SaleFaith using the built in email system and received emails can be forwarded to SaleFaith to be stored alongside the outgoing messages. These, letters and records of telephone conversations are all linked to the company/contacts records to provide communications history. The built in To Do system ensures future actions don't get forgotten.