CRM Contact Management

SaleFaith's cloud-based contacts management module is used throughout all products accommodating both business to business (B2B) and consumer contacts.

Existing contacts are checked prior to new contact creation to attempt to reduce duplicate entries that can cause so many problems when utilising the data. Contact and company details are added in an easy to enter flat file format and then restructured to take advantage of the SaleFaith relational database.

In a single form all contacts for an organisation are grouped together with quick navigation between each. Unlimited email addresses, telephone/mobile/fax numbers and work/home addresses can be entered, with each default postal address having the option of alternative international formats.

The video will demonstrate the creation of contacts with built in duplication check and related data. Then how all modules of SaleFaith, such as communications, invoices, policies, campaigns, etc. are consolidated within the organisation and contact records.

Video length 05:25 minutes

The videos do not show all features and are intended to provide an overview only.