To Dos, Emails, Letters and Telephone Calls

All SaleFaith databases include the ability to create individual To Dos* emails, letters and notes during telephone calls, all of which are linked to the company or individual, or quotation, order, invoice, policy, etc. This allows a complete record of SaleFaith generated communication to be instantly accessed.

All SaleFaith generated documents such as quotations, orders, invoices, policies, purchase orders, etc. can be emailed from within SaleFaith and each communication will automatically be linked to the company and contact. Received emails can be forwarded to SaleFaith, which will also be linked to the sender's contact record.

The telephone notes module allows records of calls to be made and presents contact information for reference during the call. To Dos can be generated as follow ons to each call to help organise each user's workload.

To Dos can be used to organise each individuals future actions and provide reports to ensure the workload is evenly allocated.

Letters and labels can be issued for traditional mailshots or special events such as Christmas Card lists.

*Please note that the standard To Do module within SaleFaith Insure has been utilised for renewals, chasers and follow ons and differs from the other systems.

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The videos do not show all features and are intended to provide an overview only.
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