Marketing Campaigns

SaleFaith's cloud-based Campaigns module is included within all versions. Campaigns utilise a targets link between each campaign and contacts to create lists of contacts. These lists can be used to create mailing lists for:

  • e-shots by exporting Excel or CSV files for online resources such as MailChimp
  • as a data source for letters or labels merge files for mailshots
  • for event management recording who has been invited, accepted or declined

Active (unclosed) campaigns are integrated into the standard contacts list allowing people to be added within search results or on an individual basis. Adding or removing a contact to or from a campaign is via a simple mouse click. Lists of campaigns that a contact has been listed within is held within each individual's contact record

To assist with list creation both contacts and companies records can have an unlimited number of keywords or key phrases to be added. These with the powerful search system makes it very easy to look for groups or combinations of groups of people'

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The videos do not show all features and are intended to provide an overview only.