Cloud-based CRM and
Back Office Database System

SaleFaith Business tightly integrates its contacts, companies, quotations, orders, invoices, purchase orders, products, credit control, communications and e-marketing modules to automate your business processes from any location.

The ability to link to your website or other SQL based systems allows single or two-way integration to share data across systems.

Made For You

Each database module can be customised to accommodate your specific requirements. Although the database modules can be used unmodified, we expect them to be made to fit your business, not the other way around!


Create quotations with or without products, duplicate to create revisions, email directly and convert to an order with a single button


Enter orders directly or convert from quotation, flexible payment options, create single or multiple invoices


Create invoices from orders or the invoicing schedule. Multi-currency, multi-currency and credit control

Purchase Orders

Place purchase orders on suppliers with option to link to orders


Multi-layered products to accept families of products or services


Top customers, supplier spend, most popular products