Database Finding, Searching and Reports

For ad-hoc information any field, or combination of fields, visible within SaleFaith can seeached on using the built in Find feature. Various operators such as greater than/less than, range between 2 values, duplicates, wildcards, and more extend the search capabilities. AND or OR searches are all easy to create and regular searches can be stored for future use.

Results of searches are displayed statistically in the status area at the top of the screen, which can be toggled to the converse with a single mouse click. Once records have been found, selected fields can be exported to text, CSV or Microsoft Excel format.

For repeated or formatted reports, including documentation output to clients, a powerful scripting language and customised layouts allows button driven reports. Inbuilt charting allows data to be displayed graphically if desired.

Video length 02:55

The videos do not show all features and are intended to provide an overview only.