Policy Documents

Policy documentation such as quotations, certificates, renewal invitations, endorsements, etc. are initially created in Microsoft Word as master templates.

Each template can include 'placeholders' from SaleFaith Insure's mail merge system to insert information from the database records into the Word file.

Master templates are then allocated to each policy master record so that as policy records are created, and progressed, documents unique to that particular policy are already linked to it.

Document Creation

Each individual policy record generates the appropriate document depending on the policy status. Data such as contact information, list of insured, premium, tax, etc. is taken from the policy record and inserted into the linked Word file. including data from the policy record, into the Letters module.

SaleFaith can launch Microsoft Word directly within the cloud to allow each document to be opened, checked and amended if necessary - this is dependant on the user having a Microsoft Office 365 license. Alternatively, each document can be saved to the operator's computer's local hard disk, be opened and checked and subsequently uploaded to SaleFaith again if amended. Each document can be opened for checking and amending by SaleFaith opening Microsoft Word within the cloud, providing the user has an Office 365 license, or by saving to the user's local computer's hard disk.

When the document is ready it can either be printed or converted to a PDF file ready for emailing from within the standard SaleFaith email system.