Policy Management

Policy records are where the policy, dates and insured information are entered with supporting data, which refers to the policy master records to create the policy premium, tax, commission and invoice details.

A status of proposal, current, renewal, cancelled, lapsed or archived is set for each policy record, which enables the print button to generate the appropriate document.

Broker, mid term adjustments, client account, invoice, chasers, file notes, claims, history and documentation are all available on a single screen.

Documentation is automatically generated as Microsoft Word documents, which are stored and managed from within SaleFaith on the cloud. Once generated the Word files can be 'tweaked' if needed, with Word also running within the cloud (providing the user owns a Microsoft Office 365 license).

The policy screens are customised to accommodate your insurance products. Examples of current use include companies insuring people, horses, transport, businesses, buildings and possessions.

Policy Creation

Policy records are created from a contact record using a policy selection system requiring the policy start date to be entered.

Data validation systems ensure compulsory information, such as currency, payment terms and payment type is entered before documentation can be generated.

Mid-Term Adjustments

Mid-term adjustments are added using a similar entry system to that used to enter the insured.

After MTAs have been entered documentation produced takes into account these entries and all MTA entries are assessed and the renewal invitation insured list and premiums amended accordingly.