Policy Maintenance

The hierarchical structure of SaleFaith Insure's modular insurance policy maintenance system allows policies to be grouped within families and broken down into rates based on categories such as type of cover, options or age range.

Master information is held at the top level such as policy description, commission percentages, default insurer, tax type, policy numbering, no claims discount, endorsements, document templates, etc.

The second level provides the options within each policy or plan and the lowest level stores the cover and rates.

Policy Rate Maintenance

Policy rates can be duplicated each year and, if required, have a percentage adjustment applied with a single click and confirmation as to when the revised rates are to commence.

This allows multiple rate adjustment throughout a year and quotations to be raised based on the rates when the policy is due to commence.

The tax system also allows for a predictive tax rate adjustment, for instance if IPT is due to change on a specific date, quotes and certificates due on or after that date will automatically pick up the new rate.