Bordereaux can be produced in various formats including customised Excel spreadsheets. These can be generated by insurer, currency and policy type by customised date ranges.

Commission statements allow commission paid and commission due to be reported by broker, currency and date.

Aged Debtors and Creditors report can be grouped by Brokers, Insurers or Clients as appropriate, which can be filtered by date, invoice, status, insurer or amount as needed.

All data in SaleFaith Insure can be searched on to produce ah-hoc reports that can be exported into Excel and text files.

Performance related reports and charts such as the number of policies or insurance documents processed within a selected time frame.

Bordereaux and Commission Statements

Bordereaux can be completely customised to the insurer's requirement and output automatically as an Excel spreadsheet.

The commission statement allows a policy list for a broker by currency and month then a subsequent list for paid invoices linked to policies where payments and transaction records can be created for all or selected invoices.