Cloud-based Case Management System

SaleFaith Cases is a cloud based information and document handling system designed to keep various parties up to date when working on joint assignments.

The system assumes one or two primary parties and then allows additional 'players' to be added to the case to create the group of people involved.

Made For You

A case, for example could be: legal, medical, insurance or architects or alternatively be a project involving various parties. The core of the system is built around the SaleFaith CRM system and allows 3rd parties to upload documents that can subequently consolidated within each case record.

Case Management

Case creation and grouping of multiple contacts (players) within the case record

Letter Creation

Created from within using internal mail merge system or uploaded from a local computer disk


Products or services can be added for reference by quotations and invoices

Quotations and Invoices

Quote products or services and subsequently convert to an invoice

Information Upload

Authorised contacts can upload information or documents via a web browser

Work Organisation

Case optimised versions of standard CRM features such as To Dos