Policy Document Creation

The primary insurance policy documents such as quotations, certificate, renewal invitations, endorsements, etc. are generated by clicking the print button, which creates the appropriate document depending on the policy status.

Additional documents can be generated from a selection list and complex schedules can be exported as an Excel file if needed.

After the file has been generated the document metadata is displayed in an unformatted (searchable) text field in the Letters screen but the actual file needs opening in Word for checking and possible amendments. SaleFaith is able to stream Microsoft Word within the cloud so the update process is transparent and doesn't require the file to be downloaded and edited locally providing the user owns a Microsoft Office 365 license.

Files can be batched where multiple certificates are required or endorsements sent with certificates.

Completed documents can be printed or converted to a PDF file from within SaleFaith Insure. PDF files within the Letters screen can be emailed directly from within SaleFaith using the standard CRM email system using predefined email templates, or downloaded ready to attach to the user's own email application.

We would like to thank our good friends at Carriagehouse Insurance and Morgan Price International Healthcare for allowing us to display their Word documentation within some of our videos (all data displayed within the video is fictional).

All SaleFaith products are in the process of receiving an update to standardise the user experience across all members of the product family. Video production has been suspended until this has been completed. The following has been linked to the SaleFaith Family Demo video until the new videos are available.

Video Length 04:22 minutes. Document creation displayed between 03:15 and 03:51.

The videos do not show all features and are intended to provide an overview only.